GARTH TAYLOR, San Clemente

I urge the San Clemente City Council to pass a comprehensive ban on gas-powered blowers, as outlined in the Feb. 27 edition of the San Clemente Times.

I believe one of the major offenders is the city of San Clemente.

Every morning, seven days a week, a small army of San Clemente Municipal workers descend on the San Clemente Pier/beach area to blow the sand off the beach paths. Yes, that’s right, they work for about half an hour blowing beach sand off beach paths. 

This cleaning of the paths is effective for about 10 minutes before joggers, bicyclists, surfers, dog walkers and children track sand back onto the paths. 

I am in favor of make-work projects as much as the next guy. But if we are going to employ people on a meaningless task, couldn’t they use brooms?

These would reduce noise and air pollution considerably while still providing the make-work benefit.

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