While reading a recent column by Fred Swegles about a friend of mine, John Alkema, I thought back on the number of years Fred has provided great articles and reporting for our community. 

If my memory is correct, Fred was at Sun Post News when I moved to San Clemente in 1976. He’s been a great supporter of our community, and I would like to find a way to nominate him to the San Clemente Wall of Fame. 

Back to John Alkema; we met on a soccer field on Saturday afternoons, when coaches and referees would join in a match at Shorecliffs, and I would see him annually at Jim and Kathleen Sigafoos’s “Day After Christmas” party at their home. 

I didn’t know about John’s travel adventures, and I would have liked to hear the story in his own words. 

Unfortunately, we won’t have that opportunity, but thanks to Fred Swegles, at least we have a brief snapshot of his travels.

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