CLIFF WASSON, San Clemente

Is it just me, or have a few of you noticed that we still have detour signs around half of San Clemente? They have finished with the I-5 project for over a year, the La Pata project completed for nearly three years.

And, sure enough, when driving down our wonderful streets in our wonderful little village by the sea, there are detour signs directing our tourists to all parts of town trying to find their way to the highway. 

I’ve had it up to here! I wonder what our tourists think now that they have driven around in circles.  Taking a ride out Pico, and the sign says detour to the interstate, take La Pata.

And speaking about Pico, don’t you think the water department should have figured out what’s wrong by now? Pico has been messed up off and on for the better (part) of three years.

Let’s get these contractors who have made millions from the taxpayers and get their hind ends out here and take care of these signs. Or maybe they think when all the election signs start coming down next spring, they’ll take care of it.  Just getting it off my chest.

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