Just to put things in perspective, here are the number of death estimates year-by-year, from the regular seasonal flu virus, as provided by the CDC website:

2010-2011: 37,000
2011-2012: 12,000
2012-2013: 43,000
2013-2014: 38,000
2014-2015: 51,000
2015-2016: 23,000
2016-2017: 38,000
2017-2018: 61,000
2018-2019: 34,000

At no time has the U.S. gone on a nationwide lockdown for any of these virus outbreaks. In fact, doing so prevents the normal societal mass immunization that all of our bodies undergo each year by allowing exposure to a virus.

Note that the CDC has explained that the death numbers from the current virus are inflated due to allowing deaths from existing causes to be included in the total count.

An example the CDC gave is that if someone with heart disease dies of a heart attack, and also tests positive for the current virus, that death would be counted as from the virus.

We’re told that if closing the entire nation will save just one life, why wouldn’t we do it? My response to that is this: With over 40,000 highway-related deaths each year, why are we still driving?

If we could prevent just one death by giving up our vehicles why wouldn’t
we do so?

Common sense isn’t so common anymore.

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  • Could someone explain why Black Fetuses Lives don’t matter?

  • Fred– Of course fetuses matter and the anti choice folks have a great forum to push that agenda.

    The BLM folks are on a completely different issue. It’s about the palpable systemic racism and white priv. that has existed in this society for 5 generations and more importantly, has carried on a subtle procession of inequality. Mixing BLM with “all lives matter” is just an obvious way to try to dilute their argument. But it does nothing to address either concern.

    Choice is a distinctly other thing.

    Black Lives matter is about a reprioritization of policing and social reform. It’s an issue that along with the mismanaged pandemic, has brought our economy to it’s deathbed.

    Mixing the two issues is a waste.

comments (2)

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