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We deserve effective city council leadership.

Good leadership is working closely with your fellow city councilmembers, compromising, listening and coming to common purposes.

It is not using your Facebook and social media to incite your supporters, or publicly criticize another councilmember in public. Those type of actions guarantee divisiveness not only on city council, but also throughout the city of San Clemente.

We elected you to unite this community, not divide it. It is time for you to show leadership, not childlike and arrogant behavior. 

Also, it is time for you to take back control of our city from city management and staff, and start making decisive decisions about opening our community.

All of you have surrendered these decisions to unelected city bureaucrats. We elected you, not the city bureaucrats.

At the next city council meeting, open up the beach parking and our beach parks. Stop treating us as undisciplined children.

We deserve better.

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  • GREAT letter—– I make this observation: Compromise in governance went away with the rise of the tea party, death of the GOP and rise of the Godless cult of Trump.

    I’m 80– I’ve watched and participated in GOP politics all of my adult life. There never was a time when the GOP demonized our opponents. It’s now reduced to the ignorance of a cult. We don’t disagree with our pol friends, with supreme hubris we damn them. Adding to this, the rise of the ignorant religious right, the death of the fairness doctrine, and the Cit United case which allowed for unlimited dark money in politics and….Compromise was lost. It’s now a dirty word to the GOP, my party.

    I spent a lifetime in business, much of it in the “C’ suite. If the folks I hired to manage my company had ever reached a position where they could not agree with each other and compromise to reach the best ways forward they could, I would have fired them.

    There is no way forward without compromise.

    My party, the GOP, is literally killing our beloved Nation, the one I spent a year of my life fighting for. Between no action on climate, nuclear proliferation, and the Covid virus, I am watching our decline. I see the GOP ignorance at every level of politics right down to a lowly city council.


    • Excellent commentary!

    • I appreciate your perspective. Sad times we’re living in.

    • Leftist hate is undermining our nation’s security.

      “I make this observation…”

      You must be wearing a hood over your blinders. Feel free to list where leftist Democrats have compromised in any fashion. While leftists rioted (as they are forever doing) during President Trump’s inauguration, leftist Democrat politicians said nothing. When Democrat politicians did speak up, they encouraged their supporters to harass and intimidate members of the President’s administration and elected Republican officials. Their supporters promptly complied.

      We saw the Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee, asked to leave a restaurant, Kirstjen Nielson, Homeland Security Secretary, harassed in a Mexican restaurant, and Senator Mitch McConnell and his wife harassed as they were leaving a restaurant. White House advisor, Stephen Miller, had mobs demonstrating outside his home and had a bartender follow him out of a sushi joint giving him both fingers. At a book store, Steve Bannon had a heckler shouting obscenities at him making such a scene that the business owner dialed 911.

      Kathy Griffin suggested stabbing President Trump with a syringe containing nothing but air and held up an image of the President’s severed head. Rapper Snoop Dog made a video of him shooting the President. Madonna claimed she fantasized about blowing up the White House. Steven Colbert made a comment about the President so revolting it cannot be repeated in this publication. Michigan Representative, Rashida Tlaib, speaking of the President, said “we’re going to impeach that Mother F’er”, only she actually said the swear words. Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump “a feckless” expletive.

      So, Mr. Buck Finny, spare us your hypocritical blather about Trump or the GOP demonizing their opponents, that has been the purview of leftist Democrats for more than a generation…perhaps you forgot or were merely projecting YOUR animus onto the President you hate.

      “Adding to this, the rise of the ignorant religious right…”

      Thanks for revealing your anti-Christian bigotry.

      “If the folks I hired to manage my company had ever reached a position where they could not agree with each other and compromise to reach the best ways forward they could, I would have fired them.”

      If I had to depend on an accurate assessment of the situation and I reviewed your above analysis, I would fire you.

      “There is no way forward without compromise.

      On that we can agree but compromise is not a word or action found in the leftist Democrat lexicon.

      Sorry but the climate cultists wish to kill our nation economically and the President and his administration have done a fantastic job fighting the Wuhan China virus while Democrats focused on impeachment. What nuclear proliferation?

      “I am watching our decline…”

      Are the rioting leftists part of your observation or do burning and looting, the perennial past time of leftist Democrats, not count in your twisted estimation?

      “…the GOP ignorance…”

      When leftist Democrats release criminals to prey upon society but lock up law-abiding citizens to replace them in jail, they, nor YOU, get to call the GOP ignorant. When Democrat governors force covid19 infected patients back into the nursing homes to infect the residents and staff, they nor you get to call the GOP ignorant. When leftist governors like Gavin Newsome demand that long suffering tax payers fund people residing here illegally, you nor any other leftist get to call the GOP ignorant.


comments (4)

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