JUDY JONES, San Clemente

The April 29 special city council meeting seemed to not oppose the state’s and county’s social distancing directives. If we do otherwise, the legal precedent is not in our favor. I strongly feel that we can’t stand alone in opening our beaches and businesses any sooner than our neighboring cities.

From the May 1 city council meeting, I learned that we were working with other beach communities on a coordinated opening approach. Yes, we all want to get back to the beach. I also learned that Gov. Newsom mentioned things are looking good for some changes soon in coordination with all of California and with neighboring states. A letter to the governor with our detailed plans helped the solution.

But, what is being done to assist our businesses? Why aren’t we pressuring the Small Business Administration and banks to accept the applications for loans, which can become grants, from our small businesses? And, even applying for federal resources to support the budget of our city?

Obviously, without tax revenue from sales tax, how do we pay for our police, our garbage collection and even special city council meetings?

Most important is the major job of our elected city officials—to keep us safe. We can’t see the invisible enemy, and we need to pay attention to science. When the scientists tell us the COVID-19 cases are decreasing and we have treatment and prevention, including testing availability, then I will feel safe. Not before.

As a part of that safety, we should be addressing the nursing homes and other senior care facilities. What efforts are being made by our city for those hot spots?

I am not feeling safe in San Clemente when people protest, go to the beach, and go to restaurants with no social distancing; these protesters will not bring my business back to San Clemente shops and restaurants.

I am in the age group categorized as vulnerable and with the most disposable income, so my business will be crucial to the recovery. Just opening up the beach and businesses without much caution is not enough.

Be patient; go with science.

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