In his recent letter to the editor, Steve Hops listed a few of the benefits we will see locally if we vote for the upcoming school bond in the March 2020 election.

I am just curious why we as taxpayers must always keep ponying up more money for such things. I remember the lottery was sold as the “fix” the state needed to fix our schools.

However, as is always the case with Democrats running things, as soon as more money is available, say in the form of a bond or the lottery, they syphon existing money in the budget to their “pet projects.”

How about a little fiscal restraint? Vote no on the bond, stop voting for Democrats and recall Gavin Newsom.

That’s the only way we will see sanity restored in Sacramento.

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  • Until the schools get rid of all the waste, account for every cent and get rid of much of the upper management the school should not get a single dime more money. The schools have become a bottomless pit and our kids are sinking.

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