JIM HOLLOWAY, San Clemente

There are some important characteristics that define San Clemente. First, we have justifiable pride and gratitude that we live in a very high quality of life community. Second, we are known as a fiscally conservative town.

With these characteristics in mind, it’s no surprise that San Clemente is generally not supportive of state-imposed taxes, or even regional taxes (i.e., TCA fees).

However, when it comes to local bonds and taxes with specific identifiable local community benefits, it’s a different story.

In the early 1960s, residents passed bonds, which allowed for the purchase of our public beaches from North Beach down to State Beach.

In the early 1990s, residents again approved bonds, which allowed for street improvements throughout the city.

And again in the early 2000s, residents approved a “clean ocean” tax, which helps to keep our ocean water clean and safe.

Given this history, I’m hopeful and optimistic that San Clemente will approve Measure H. About 75% of bond proceeds will be spent on upgrades and new construction at San Clemente High School.

The remaining 25% will be used to improve the local elementary and middle schools that feed into San Clemente High. These school improvements will benefit our kids, our community, our businesses, our local economy and our home values.  

Measure H is all about our town, our schools.

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  • isn,t your wife on the school board jim
    isnt the county collecting record amounts of taxes resulting in record funding of schools ?
    didnt you squander our 11million dollar beach parking fund and give away our existing beach parking to your cronies friend with no thought of the adjoining neighborhood or our community needs , traffic relief or even a bus turn out
    doesn’t the high school just teach indifference and privilege ? just look at the moving signs and trashy banners
    vote no on preparation H it stinks

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