Eva O’Keefe, San Clemente

In the last few months, several people in the community have called out the abuses of the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA). Thank you to OC Board of Supervisors member Shawn Nelson, who expressed his utter dissatisfaction with the TCA. While at the Orange County Transportation Authority board meeting, he indicated that the TCA has spent $210 million in the last 20 years on “advocacy.” My question is what are they advocating? To me ,that is “code” for boondoggle—golf, sponsorships, millions spent on public relations firms, and let’s not forget the free honey baked ham for the holidays. The next time you see a TCA advertisement in the Orange County Register or sponsorship at your local city festival, just remember that they’re using your tax dollars in the form of development fees, bailouts and Caltrans, which maintains the Toll Roads.

Thank you also to Dan Bane for so brilliantly elaborating why the TCA needs to be abolished. And thank you Assemblyman Rocky Chavez for introducing AB 382, which defunds the wasteful and corrupt TCA. The TCA hasn’t built a road in 22 years, which makes them glorified toll-booth operators. And like toll-booth operators, they are just as obsolete.

As for our Supervisor Lisa Bartlett—she continues to be the biggest cheerleader out there for the TCA and its wasteful spending and votes every time against her constituents.

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  • 100% agreement on the abolishment of TCA. This organization has outlived it’s original purpose and mission. It should have been created and had a sunset with a reverting of it’s operations to another agency years ago.

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