Gene Habich, Litchfield Park Arizona

As a former home owner living in San Clemente from 1992-2010, and I was also a real estate appraiser for over 20 years, I had been against the toll road since Day 1. Back when Wayne Eggleston was mayor, I suggested the only route that made sense was to have it go south of town near Basilone Road. Wayne stated to me too many times the Marines will not allow another road on their base after “the 5” went through to Oceanside.

Well folks, let’s get on a bandwagon that the Marines don’t run this country or the state of California. The Marines will still have all the area for training for land and sea training. They also have Twentynine Palms in the desert.

All the powers to be, Wayne would not push it as he was favorable with the Marines.

The TCA, county supervisors, the governor, someone get ahold of the White House and see if Trump can get things changed.

If the road, whether a toll or federally funded one needs to be built someday, building it south of the San Mateo creek area on the base is the only place it really makes sense because building it through the city of San Clemente is the dumbest plan yet.

I really feel sorry for all the people and friends I know who live in San Clemente, and all of them are not happy with the current plans.

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  • Folks,

    Here’s a popular quote from Albert Einstein “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”

    So I respectfully disagree with the suggestion from this former resident. Like the majority of the people still living in San Clemente, we do not want more traffic going through our town or the subsequent air and noise pollution that comes with it.

    The best option is to bypass San Clemente and the base entirely. To see what this would look like visit

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