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Bill Prestridge, San Clemente

After reading Dr. Paul A. Weherle, M.D.’s letter in the Jan. 26-Feb. 1 edition of the San Clemente Times about President Donald Trump, I am convinced that he is correct in stating that our new President is unfit for office and is indeed a mentally flawed individual “with certifiable narcissistic personality disorder with pronounced sociopathic traits,” WebMD’s definition of narcissistic personality disorder.

My impressions are that Trump thinks about himself most of the time and talks about himself—that he craves attention and admiration, and exaggerates his talents and achievements. He sets unrealistic goals and has wide and fast mood swings.

Someone like Trump may appear to have high self-esteem, but the opposite is probably true. There appears to be a deep sense of insecurity underneath his grand exterior. At the very least, he leaves a trail of hurt feelings in his wake.

It’s evident that Trump can’t stand criticism: he makes excuses and refuses to take responsibility for his flaws and failures, and he sees himself as a natural leader who can easily sway others. But he doesn’t listen and often interrupts; it’s a one-way street—all take, no give.

The United States is in big trouble with Donald Trump at the helm.

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  • Thanks for writing this article! I needed a good laugh! Too bad Trump has hurt some feelings. Yes, these days being offended is sooo vogue. We must watch out for those micro aggressions, and be ready to agree with the liberals. Otherwise one might be publicly hated or labeled. I.e. misogynistic, or Narcissistic etc. It’s cool to hate on evil Trump, because he’s not “PC”! Otherwise people might judge you. Anyway you should know St. Bill “the rapest” Clinton and St. John “the cheater” Kennedy are the standard bearers! They were PC! So lets emerge from the Cheetos dust to dawn vagina hats and celebrate the killing of babies together!…Plus we can simultaneously protest democracy sponsored by the wholesome George Soros and company. Either your with them or just a deplorable brother. Peace, love, and happiness!!

  • I am not a Trump zealot and was no fan of his predecessor either.

    With that said in reading this two things come to mind.

    First, after reading this from a different perspective than the author I found that the statements “he makes excuses and refuses to take responsibility for his flaws and failures, and he sees himself as a natural leader who can easily sway others.” and “it’s a one-way street—all take, no give.” could easily be said of our prior POTUS.

    Second, this is a local paper where locals look into and participate about local issues. This kind of letter is out of place here and if it continues will most likely cause people to tune out.

    There you go…

  • It’s almost comical to me that you feel the need to interject your personal opinion in response to every comment made. It’s very self-important of you.

    • @Lindsey,

      Um, ya …my comment was about the letter, not a reply to the prior comment. The new website has rendering issues with some browsers. Might try clearing your browser cache to remedy that.

      Not cool that you didn’t stay on point about the letter to the editor and instead took a swipe at another instead. Also, not cool that you didn’t give someone who you do not know at all the benefit of the doubt or assume positive intent.

      No hard feelings though. Hope you have a good week.

comments (4)

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