Larry Kramer, San Juan Capistrano

Climate change is real, with both worldwide and local effects. The federal government just issued a report discussing its real-world effects. The report concludes “that the evidence of human-caused climate change is overwhelming…” While the cause is worldwide, we are seeing the effects in our local area, including extreme heat in the summer, more drought, a gradual change from a Mediterranean climate to a desert climate, more danger of fires, tropical diseases moving north, sea-level rises and the ocean becoming more acidic.

We are past the point of discussion. It is time for action. You can either sit on your hands or begin to take action. Do you want to tell your children and grandchildren that you knew about climate change but did nothing? Most positive changes in our society have begun by a few people at the local level.

There is much that the city can do and has already done and much that you can do. Feel empowered. Tell the City Council, your state and federal officials that you are concerned. Look for ways that you can reduce your use of carbon fuels.

Do you want examples? When buying a car or truck, look for the most fuel-efficient models. The Ecology Center is a great place to buy locally-grown food, reducing fuel usage for transportation. Buy a bike and ride it for local errands. Consider installing solar power. Plant drought-tolerant plants. Give up meat one day a week. Wash clothes in cold water. Change to LED lighting.

Join the Citizens’ Climate Lobby for our monthly meetings as we discuss ways to move forward. We are a nonpartisan group meeting at 9:30 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month at St. Andrew by-the-Sea United Methodist Church at 2001 Calle Frontera, San Clemente.

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