Dr. Gus Gialamas, Dr. Steven Cullen and Dr. Nick Karahalios, San Clemente

Dear friends,

It’s been almost three years since MemorialCare decided to close the emergency room and hospital and file a $40 million lawsuit against the citizens of San Clemente.

Several years ago, an administrator from Memorial boasted that he would “take out the San Clemente City Council.” To this end, some have promoted candidates in our City Council elections who would bend to their wishes against the wishes of the many citizens who believe an emergency room and hospital in our town are necessary.
Three candidates have been stalwart in their support of returning emergency room services and a hospital in San Clemente.

Kathy Ward, Bernie Wohlfarth and Wayne Eggleston are the only candidates who bothered to ask our opinion about the healthcare in our community. For this reason and the leadership we expect from our elected leaders, we support these well-qualified candidates.

Thank you, and please vote.

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