Craig Alexander, Dana Point

This Nov. 6, voters in the 49th Congressional District will have a stark choice between two candidates: one a conservative republican and one a liberal “resist” democrat. Before you vote, consider what each of these candidates stands for and will likely do if elected to Congress.

Diane is being maliciously smeared by the Levin campaign for a lawsuit from which she was dismissed. I have known Diane for more than 15 years. She is of the utmost integrity, has a notable list of endorsements and has a solid record of fighting for taxpayers and average citizens.  She advocates common sense solutions for everyday Americans and Californians.  If you wish to see the economy continue to improve and provide opportunity for everyone, vote for Diane Harkey.  If you think Government should run your life, tax you massively for that “service” and force you to pay for ever more government programs, Mike Levin is your candidate.

Harkey = economic growth, freedom and national security. Levin = halting the current economic boom, open borders and more gridlock in Washington, D.C. with endless calls for investigations and impeachment of President Trump (then Pence, then whomever Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters do not like).

One final thought: If you as a conservative voter stay home (do not vote), in my opinion, you are casting a vote for the democrats. Visit Diane’s website at if you want to see the issues and where she stands on important topics of the day.

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