Zoheb Davar, Mission Viejo

There’s an important election this November to represent people who live in northern San Diego County and South Orange County, where I grew up and where my family and friends live.

This is to inform you of one candidate, Mike Levin, and why his lifelong work for environmental sustainability would serve us all.

Mike has dedicated his career to supporting environmental sustainability through the advancement of clean energy innovation. The organization he founded, Sustain OC, helped lay the foundation for the clean-tech industry. And the California Center for Sustainable Energy, where he sat on the board of directors, was actually where I was first introduced to clean technology and catalyzed my career in sustainability.

Having an environmental champion represent the 49th Congressional district that has miles and miles of SoCal beaches makes sense to me. So many of the memorable experiences I had during my years at Capo Valley High School and SDSU took place on the beaches that Mike has worked to protect throughout his career. As a congressman, Mike’s efforts will be amplified.

If you like to go to the beaches or surf in Orange County, you should care about this election. I learned to surf in front of the nuclear plant at San Onofre. Those are still my favorite waves, but those waves are in jeopardy. In the event of an earthquake, the hazardous nuclear waste sitting there could seep into the ocean and that would mean no more surfing or enjoying the beaches at Churches, Old Man’s or Trails for decades. Mike’s priority is to get the nuclear waste off the California coast quickly and safely.

You can see Mike’s stance on other government issues on his website, www.mikelevin.org. There, it states, “On top of championing environmental policies, Mike will fight for Medicare for all, affordable higher education, preventing gun violence, protecting Social Security, a woman’s right to choose, and a $15 federal minimum wage.”

The election is Nov. 6; make sure you’re registered at www.usvotefoundation.org/and vote!

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