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Heidi Cascardo, Ladera Ranch

The story of the Trump administration’s connections to Russia during the elections appear to be quickly snowballing from a mere suspicion to a major incident. Seemingly every day, new disclosures are revealed about previously undisclosed, and possibly illegal, contacts between senior members of the Trump administration and Russia, including the Russian ambassador. All of a sudden, Mr. Trump’s joke that perhaps Russia should hack Mrs. Clinton’s emails seems less humorous.
Our elected representative, Congressman Darrell Issa, has thus far flip-flopped between calling for an independent investigation and then voting against an independent investigation. A lot of voters are asking: did he choose party politics over national security? If the Russian interference in our elections is true, we will have a crisis much larger than Watergate on our hands. Darrell Issa must understand this is not the time to play politics; this is the time for truth.

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  • It came out just last night that while Trump was campaigning for President, there was not one but two investigations by the Obama administration into alleged ties to Russia by Trump staff. Trump was not the target, but three of his campaign staff were. One investigation was issued by the FISA court and the other used wiretapping. Nothing was found. Okay, nothing was found that showed Trump or any of his staff had colluded with Russia, but a treasure trove of political information that could be used against Trump was illegally sent to the NYT, WaPo and others so they could target a person who was not their pick for President.

    Think about that; a sitting administration eavesdropped on someone running for President, and when they found nothing, they kept the bugs in place. If Bush had done this to Obama, how would you react? We already know that the fix was in for Bernie; he had no shot whatsoever at winning because of collusion between the National Democratic Party, the media, and the HRC campaign.

    This is all coming out now. If you read the mainstream media, you might even think that they were not to blame, and have not been publishing information that was gathered illegally. If you don’t believe it, look at the headlines for the New York Times on January 20th. A story about wiretapping Trump is top center. The fix is in, but the Russians aren’t involved.

  • Update–the New York Times updated/backdated their January 20th cover today so the lede does not say “wiretapping”. Again, HOW did the NYT get sensitive wiretap information prior to anyone knowing of the investigation, let alone being charged? Did the Russians tell them? 🙂

  • @Heidi Cascardo, Ladera Ranch

    Speaking of Truth?? SC Times is for San Clemente related content. Not for out of towners to spam us with soapboxing and ranting.

    People are being bombarded with all this garbage in mainstream media outlets and social media. All you are doing is causing people to tune this noise out.

    • Speaking of truth? Trump lies and bashing is a local issue? Heidi, you really need to hear some truth! The investigation of Trump is by Obama people. Has been going on for over a year! Think about it, A sitting President (Obama ) is tapping an opponent in an election on the FALSE assumptions that there is a Russian connection! A year later there is still NO proof! Both Democrats and Republicans both have said this! If the Dems would have found any connection it would be out there! There is none! The only real connection to Russia is Hillary selling 20% of our uranium to Russia and the Podesta brothers receiving large zones of money from Russia! That’s fact! You ought to turn off CNN and other MSM who to this day still won’t report the TRUTH about anything not left leaning! Not one has covered the Susan Rice story of her leaking the names of President Trumps campaign people! Which by the way she said a couple days before that she knew nothing about! Now she said she did nothing wrong! Want to bet? That’s truth! Give the President a chance, he’s done more in 3 months than Obama did in 8 miserable years. He wanted nothing more than to take our country down a notch in the eyes of the world and equalize us! The destruction he caused is why we now have President Trump!

  • @Heudu Cascardo has concurrent letters attacking Rep Issa on a variety of issues in the latest issues of the San Juan Capistrano Dispatch, the Dana Point Times, and the San Clemente Times. Why do these local papers allow such blatant professional agitation. The election was just weeks ago. Better to focus on real local issues otherwise you will lose readers and advertisers very quickly.

  • Agreed

    This is the third week in a row some Trump hater posted a BS rant unrelated to local issues. If I want fact based editorials on national or global issues I will get them from the WSJ. I do not want to read this garbage in my local paper particularly when it is submitted by a non resident.

comments (6)

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