Wally Roberts, San Clemente

On June 4, I sent the following to the San Clemente water department with a copy to City Hall following a report in the summer 2018 issue of the city’s San Clemente magazine (no response was received).  In that issue, the city claimed our city water is good.

I attempted to read and digest your water quality report in the summer 2018 issue of San Clemente magazine. The language is too verbose and confusing for me.

To cut to simple terms:  I have a reverse osmosis system that test at between 25 and 35 on my TDS (total dissolved solids) meter.

My tap water consistently reads 600 to 650, which I understand represents poor water qualify with respects to minerals and other non-organic components.

This should be made clear to the residents of San Clemente.

According to the World Health Organization, “The palatability of drinking-water has been rated by panels of tasters in relation to its TDS level as follows: excellent, less than 300 mg/litre; good, between 300 and 600 mg/litre; fair, between 600 and 900 mg/litre; poor, between 900 and 1200 mg/litre; and unacceptable, greater than 1200 mg/litre.”

In Oak Creek, Arizona, where we have spent a lot of time, the tap water tests at around 200 with my TDS meter.

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