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Is anyone else wondering what Mayor Chris Hamm’s beef is with the San Clemente Pier? First he offers up the ridiculous idea of eliminating the train stop at the Pier and making North Beach the one and only stop in San Clemente. Now it seems he wants to end the summer beach concerts (at the Pier) and hold the shows at Linda Lane. What is it with this guy?
Mr. Hamm, that train stop at the Pier is popular with tourists and important to local merchants. The beach concerts are a San Clemente tradition and one many, many families look forward to every summer.
Why is it all or nothing with you? San Clemente can’t have two train stops and two concert venues? Why are we, as residents, and the visitors to our city at the mercy of your wants and whims?

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  • Jean,

    You are absolutely right. Something is not adding up here. Hamm seems bent on building up the new outlet mall at the expense of the pier bowl and downtown. These trains and events were built around their present locations. Let the mall create it’s own attractions but don’t come into town and try to steal someone else’s work effort.

    Question: why is Hamm trying to so hard for the outlet malls? Is there a relationship we don’t know about?

  • sounds like he is trying to take care of many more people than a hand full of tourists ( – 😛

comments (2)

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