Joe Tolosa, San Clemente

We would like to know, what gives? There has been road construction and improvements on Avenida Pico from Calle Amanecer to Avenida La Pata for a very long time. It just does not seem to get completed in a timely fashion. Apparently, this project is not well-planned or expedited as work on it has been very inconsistent.

It seems to be a city job instead of a contractor. Also, there has been some kind of construction going on Avenida Pico from La Pata in an eastern direction that has taken even longer than the apparent road improvement going south on Avenida Pico.

This particular job seems to have no end and work is done from time to time. This segment of the roadway is very beat-up and will obviously have to be repaved whenever it is concluded. It is difficult to understand how these two separate jobs are taking such a long time. It does get very annoying to drive over the rough road. We believe that these type of projects could be much better planned and expedited.


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