As a former weekly newspaper editor-in-chief myself (way back in 1968-1969, in a mountain town in Colorado), I want to congratulate SC Times and its new city editor, Cari Hachmann, for an outstanding June 6-12 issue—cover to cover.

The front-cover photo was poignant and inspiring. The “What’s Up With …” coverage was jam-packed with insights and information. Excellent article on the proposed Community Choice Energy program, and it was given the full-page, four-color prominence its important subject deserves. Of course, Fred Swegles’ articles, like his photos, have always brought our town, at its most memorable moments, into crisp focus. ‘Ooh Rah’ to Adam Gilles for the photography and thoughtful portrayal of a local “Greatest Generation” Marine hero. Zach Cavanagh somehow manages to distill the many impressive athletic exploits of this sports-minded town onto a single, easy-reading page.

Finally, though I’m not a surfer, it was Jake Howard’s column “Just Be Cool,” about summertime surf etiquette that inspired me to write this letter. It was a marvelous lesson in what surfing should be and what it will be in this surf-centric Village by the Sea if those who ride our iconic waves surf, as Jake says, “with Aloha.” In fact, I read his piece as an object lesson in how San Clemente—as it encounters the waves of challenge, controversy, and change this issue covered so well—can retain the Aloha ambience we all fell in love with and chose to move here for. As Howard says, let’s “just be cool.” Thanks, SCT.


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