JAY GASKINS, San Clemente

I am neither an apologist for Donald Trump, although I voted for him, nor for the Republican Party, of which I am registered. With that said, the fact that liberals/Democrats are looking at these latest shootings as the result of Trump’s anti-immigration stance and conservatives’ desire to eliminate illegal immigration is ridiculous.

We can argue about the impact to our country with respect to illegal immigration, with liberals saying that it has a positive financial impact; conservatives saying that it costs billions of dollars to sanction the more than 25 million “undocumented.” Liberals are giving instructions to illegal immigrants on how to circumvent the laws of our country to obtain illegal access to it, while conservatives are adamant about protecting our country’s sovereignty and administering the laws’ punitive consequences.

The shootings in El Paso and Dayton are the result of insane, mentally deranged psychopaths who do not speak for any “pro-border control” U.S. citizen. Gun control will not eradicate mental insanity—a philosophy that is completely overlooked by the liberal left. Family members and friends have the most realistic viewpoint of the signs of a person plotting mass killings. They need to be a large part of detecting the signs prior to the manifestation of the killers’ psychotic actions.

It is time that we put the culpability of the shooters’ actions where it belongs: mental insanity that should be more-easily recognized by people closest to them and the people paid to monitor the “hate” websites. All of these insane mass shooters tend to be in two similar categories: insulation from normal societal behavior and people who forecast their deeds on social websites. If parented correctly, kids will know that “bullying” is a phase that will pass (and make them stronger in life), not an excuse to exterminate the masses.

Quit blaming our President, the NRA, and the GOP for mental insanity and understand that conservatives also condemn the actions of those who acted this weekend—100%. Pressuring the President to say the words that you want to hear is ridiculous, and can only come from people who are looking to put the blame for insanity in the wrong place for political gain.

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