Jay Gaskins, in his letter to the editor, states that the shootings in El Paso are the result of an “insane, mentally deranged psychopath.” While this is definitely true, Donald Trump is also responsible due to his hate-filled rhetoric and fascist-type rallies. His calling immigrants “foreign invaders” in 2,000 campaign ads gets mentally ill people going for their guns for combat.  When Trump asked at a rally in Florida, “How do you stop these people (referring to immigrants)?” a person in the crowd yelled, “Shoot them!”  The crowd cheered, and Trump just grinned and said nothing. Trump is responsible for the actions of his mob of unstable supporters.

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  • The irony with this post is that it is it perpetuates what it is accusing the President of doing. It also seems they’ve conveniently forgotten about Occupy Wall Street and some of the other partisan rebellion stuff the former Presidential administration fueled.

    While I appreciate the President putting the media bullies and ideologues in their place and having the courage to direct about all the double talk and partisan garbage that is a colossal waste of time, I do have issues with how he communicates.

    However, how politicians communicate in general is pretty bad. There is a clear absence of leadership qualities to inspire and enable.

    The prior President was awful too as he inspired anarchy, ignoring laws, disrespect of law enforcement & military, and turning a blind eye to hard trends and facts.

    It has been decades since we have had an authentic and genuine natural leader in the White House that inspired Americans on both sides of the aisle.

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