The San Clemente-based Soul Solutions, a producer of gluten-free, vegan and sustainable meat substitute food products, recently received the “sofi™ Award” from Specialty Food Association (SFA) for one of its signature products.

Soul Solutions’ “Soul Patty®” was named “Best New Creative Vegan Product” by the SFA, which selects recipients of the “sofi™ Award” through a “blind tasting.” The awards recognize “true innovators in their categories.” For the past 47 years, the SFA has been awarding “sofi™ Awards.”

“At Soul Solutions, we pride ourselves on simple, chef-driven solutions that make life easier for operators, offering the ability to customize the products into various applications,” Soul Solutions Founder and CEO John Merlino said in a press release.

Merlino explained that the “Soul Patty®” is the company’s original dry mix, comprising sustainable grains, natural starches and vegetable protein.

“It allows the user to create a multitude of products from one mix, such as veggie patties, fritters, fillings and breakfast-style hash,” Merlino said in the release. “Our product is a clean label and shelf staple with no preservatives or anti-caking agents.”

The company also boasts that it features innovative, customizable and sustainable products that are fit for vegans, vegetarians and the gluten-intolerant.

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