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Jason Senn of San Clemente earned a runner-up spot in Senior Men 40-49 competition Saturday, Sept. 19 in Ventura, his first WSA event of the season. Photo: Jack McDaniel
Jason Senn of San Clemente earned a runner-up spot in Senior Men 40-49 competition Saturday, Sept. 19 in Ventura, his first WSA event of the season. Photo: Jack McDaniel

By Andrea Swayne

Trophy cases in San Clemente and Dana Point/Capistrano Beach are likely bowing under the new weight of 41 trophies earned collectively by local surfers in Western Surfing Association and National Scholastic Surfing Association Open competitions last weekend, Sept. 19 and 20.

Sunny weather, warm water and solid surf made for fun and exciting action at both events, with the athletes’ skills on full display.

At event No. 2 of the NSSA Open season in Oceanside, eight surfers brought home the hardware in 10 divisions. Jett Schilling and Kirra Pinkerton, both of San Clemente, earned two trophies apiece, Schilling with wins in both Boys and Juniors, and Pinkerton with a victory in Girls and a fourth-place finish in Women.

Schilling got special recognition as one of the NSSA Performers of the Event, according to NSSA director Janice Aragon.

“Jett’s surfing at Oceanside was off the charts in both the Boys and upper level Juniors categories,” Aragon said in the final results announcement. “The 12-year-old dynamo … is surfing well beyond his years and at an incredible level with razor sharp surfing.”

The win was Schilling’s second straight in Open Boys competition this season.

Bethany Zelasko (Women) of Dana Point and Cole Houshmand (Juniors) of San Clemente also turned in great performances, earning runners-up spots.

In WSA Championship Tour competition, event No. 2 at Ventura, 31 trophies were brought home by area athletes.

Ethan Mudge of Capistrano Beach took an impressive victory in Boys U16 at WSA event No. 2, Sunday, Sept. 20 in Ventura. Photo: Jack McDaniel
Ethan Mudge of Capistrano Beach took an impressive victory in Boys U16 at WSA event No. 2, Sunday, Sept. 20 in Ventura. Photo: Jack McDaniel

Top honors went to Bella Kenworthy of Dana Point with a pair of wins in Micro Grom Girls U10 and Girls U12, Ethan Mudge (Capistrano Beach) in Boys U16 and Aidan Sautner (San Clemente) in Boys Longboard U14.

Eight locals landed runners-up trophies: San Clementeans Jason Senn in Senior Men 40-49, Cody Canzoneri in both Open Men and Men 18-29, Rhyn Chambers in Boys Longboard U14, Makai Bray in Boys/Girls U10, Addison McPhillips in Micro Grom Girls U10, and from Dana Point/Capo Beach, Rachael Tilly in Girls Longboard U18 and Loyal Cash Kenworthy in Micro Grom Boys U9.

“Surfers from Micro Groms to Legends, raise the competition bar every year,” said WSA Executive Director Mary Lou Drummy. “Their hard work is paying off and very apparent, even this early in the season. We look forward to seeing more great and entertaining performances as the year goes on.”


WSA Championship Tour, Event No. 2, September 19-20, Ventura, Surfers Point


  1. Chase Niemann, Carlsbad
  2. Loyal Cash Kenworthy, Dana Point
  3. Timothy Simmers, Oceanside
  4. Charlie Stevens, San Clemente
  5. Shane Stacy, Dana Point
  6. Dane Morris, Encinitas


  1. Bella Kenworthy, Dana Point
  2. Addie McPhillips, San Clemente
  3. Ezra McPhillips, San Clemente
  4. Ryan Chalupnik, Newport Beach
  5. Malia Callahan, Ventura
  6. Helena Graney, Carlsbad


  1. Hudson Saunders, Laguna Beach
  2. Makai Bray, San Clemente
  3. Jaxson Hutcheon, Laguna Beach
  4. Bryse Celaya, Huntington Beach
  5. Alex Guild, San Clemente
  6. Kai Kushner, Manhattan Beach


  1. Ethan Prestage, Carlsbad
  2. Callahan Corn, Del Mar
  3. Brayden Burch, San Clemente
  4. Dax McPhillips, San Clemente
  5. Luke Butterfield, Encinitas
  6. Bane Corbett, San Clemente


  1. Nolan Rodgers, Laguna Beach
  2. George Williams, Laguna Beach
  3. Brayden Burch, San Clemente
  4. Peter Stewart, Imperial Beach
  5. Julian Williams-Goldberg, Laguna Beach
  6. Jimmy Wynne, San Clemente


  1. Ethan Mudge, Capistrano Beach
  2. Trey Lockhart, Laguna Beach
  3. Kiko Nelsen, Laguna Beach
  4. Rodrigo Bandeira, Oxnard Ca. (Rio Brazil)
  5. Max Beach, San Clemente
  6. Kai McPhillips, San Clemente


  1. Noah North, Laguna Beach
  2. Gavin Doan, Carlsbad
  3. Parker Swoish, Orange
  4. Jeremy Shutts, Laguna Beach
  5. Noah Hale, El Segundo
  6. Jeff West, Fountain Valley


  1. Bella Kenworthy, Dana Point
  2. Caitlin Simmers, Oceanside
  3. Sawyer Lindblad, San Clemente
  4. Jenna Clark, La Mesa
  5. Ryann Daly, Dana Point
  6. Lilie Kulber, Los Angeles


  1. Ella McCaffray, Cardiff-by-the-Sea
  2. Makena Burke, Ventura
  3. Bryce Ava Wettstein, Encinitas
  4. Olivia Pessanha, San Diego
  5. Kalohelani Danbara, Huntington Beach
  6. Jenna Clark, La Mesa


  1. Chiasa Maruyama, Huntington Beach
  2. Coral McDuffee, Oceanside
  3. Kiersten Noonan, Encinitas
  4. Jayme Linnes, San Clemente
  5. Peyton Slater, Carlsbad
  6. Kalohelani Danbara, Huntington Beach


  1. Maya Saulino, San Marcos
  2. Kiersten Noonan, Encinitas
  3. Joceline Marchand, Carlsbad
  4. Coral McDuffee, Oceanside
  5. Claire Loughlin, Ventura
  6. Jordyn Barratt, Encinitas


  1. Aidan Sautner, San Clemente
  2. Rhyn Chambers, San Clemente
  3. Jimmy Wynne, San Clemente
  4. Nicholaus Worrell, Arroyo Grande
  5. Aidan Lauda, Aliso Viejo
  6. Cash Cherry, Manhattan Beach


  1. Trevor Anderberg, Encinitas
  2. Benjamin Goldstein, Carlsbad
  3. Andrew Neal, Manhattan Beach
  4. Ethan Mudge, Capistrano Beach
  5. Cole Thompson, San Clemente
  6. Koby Gilchrist, Encinitas


  1. Brooke Karlson, Malibu
  2. Lucana Hirschfield, La Jolla
  3. Claire Stokes, Aliso Viejo


  1. Soleil Errico, Malibu
  2. Rachael Tilly, Capistrano Beach
  3. Liv Stokes, Aliso Viejo
  4. Bianca Dootson, Aptos
  5. Hana McEvilly, Carlsbad
  6. Betsey Lee, Topanga

MEN 18-29:

  1. Riki Horikoshi, Kanagawa, Japan
  2. Cody Canzoneri, San Clemente
  3. Kai Matteo, Oceanside
  4. Drew Stanfield, Westminster
  5. Chikara Kojima, Miyazaki, Japan
  6. Andrew Fish, Venice

MASTERS 30-39:

  1. Paul Pugliesi, Oceanside
  2. Kale Shannon, Ventura
  3. Michael Kent, Camarillo
  4. Philip Salick, Los Angeles
  5. David Morgan, Los Angeles
  6. Philip Rush, Calabasas


  1. Brett William Jordan, Ventura
  2. Jason Senn, San Clemente
  3. Lance Albright, Huntington Beach
  4. Rick Takahashi, San Diego
  5. Gavin Haughey, Laguna Niguel
  6. Mike Lowthorp, Ventura

WOMEN 18+:

  1. Michelle Watson, Ventura
  2. Sasha Natalie, La Jolla
  3. Riley Cabanero, Arroyo Grande
  4. Rachel Breitner, Fairfax Va.


  1. Chas Wickwire, Seal Beach
  2. Tom Matthews, San Diego
  3. Masaki Kobayashi, San Clemente
  4. Dave Hansberry, Los Alamitos
  5. Eric Peterson, Long Beach
  6. Jon Scott Lewis, W. Los Angeles


  1. Riki Horikoshi, Kanagawa, Japan
  2. Cody Canzoneri, San Clemente
  3. Philip Rush, Calabasas
  4. Paul Pugliesi, Oceanside
  5. Jason Senn, San Clemente
  6. Rick Takahashi, San Diego


  1. Jordyn Barratt, Encinitas
  2. Maya Saulino, San Marcos
  3. Maile Davis, Carlsbad
  4. Sierra Garcia, Long Beach
  5. Riley Cabanero, Arroyo Grande
  6. Drew Belle Schonert, Long Beach


  1. Trevor Anderberg, Encinitas
  2. Andrew Neal, Manhattan Beach
  3. Neil Van Splinter, Camarillo
  4. Kurt Greenbaum, Newport Beach
  5. Jonas Meisenheimer, San Luis Obispo
  6. Shane Smith, Huntington Beach


  1. Keili McEvilly, Carlsbad
  2. Rika Hoshimoto, Japan
  3. Soleil Errico, Malibu
  4. Brooke Carlson, Calabasas
  5. Isabella Gilchrist, Cardiff-by-the-Sea
  6. Niki Katz, Hidden Hills


  1. Lance Albright, Huntington Beach
  2. Jorge Barba, Oceanside
  3. Kurt Greenbaum, Newport Beach
  4. Jay Boldt, Huntington Beach
  5. Larry Casas, Huntington Beach
  6. Troy Campbell, Torrance


  1. Charles Webb, Oceanside
  2. Chris Oberle, Los Angeles
  3. Mark Thornton, Carlsbad

NSSA Open, Event No. 2, September 19-20, Oceanside, Jetty


  1. Ryland Rubens-Pacific Beach 14.34
  2. Micky Clarke-Ventura 13.57
  3. Jordy Collins-Carlsbad 10.07
  4. Nick Marshall-Encinitas 8.2


  1. Jett Schilling-San Clemente 16.93
  2. Cole Houshmand-San Clemente 13.33
  3. Nick Marshall-Encinitas 9.10
  4. Micah Crozier-Encinitas 5.10


  1. Jett Schilling-San Clemente 15.74
  2. Raphael Castro-La Jolla 10.66
  3. Taj Lindblad-San Clemente 10.50
  4. Levi Slawson-Encinitas 10.27


  1. Cole McCaffray-Cardiff 13.07
  2. Hayden Rodgers-Laguna Beach 8.00
  3. Dane Matson-San Clemente 6.07
  4. Ben Brantell-San Clemente 4.27


  1. Tiare Thompson-La Jolla 17.00
  2. Bethany Zelasko-Dana Point 12.27
  3. Alyssa Spencer-Carlsbad 10.37
  4. Kirra Pinkerton-San Clemente 10.00


  1. Kirra Pinkerton-San Clemente 15.00
  2. Tiare Thompson-La Jolla 13.23
  3. Alyssa Spencer-Carlsbad 12.10
  4. Samantha Sibley-San Clemente 11.46

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