Carson Kropfl, the inventor of the Locker Board skateboard, announced last month that his San Clemente company has secured a licensing deal with the toy company Wham-O for his Locker Board and Streetubez products.

The teenage entrepreneur, who started the company in October 2016, when he was 11 years old, made the announcement of the deal on ABC’s 20/20. Wham-O, he said, is the maker of some of his favorite childhood toys.

“I still can’t believe my products are going to be part of the Wham-O lineup,” Kropfl said in a press release, which also stated that he was excited and honored that the toy-maker licensed the rights for his products. 

“As things progress, we will keep our customers and fans updated,” he said in the release. “We just finalized everything, and Wham-O will start production soon. They are experts who are going to help me reach my goal: to get a Locker Board in every backpack and locker around the world.”

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