By Cari Hachmann

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a motel in the 2300 block of South El Camino Real in San Clemente on Sunday, August 11, at about 12:30 p.m., according to Joses Walehwa, public affairs sergeant at Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Walehwa confirmed that deputies found a dead man in one of the motel rooms.

The San Clemente Times was unable to confirm the location of the motel with authorities, but the newspaper spoke with the manager at The Inn at Calafia Beach, who confirmed the death took place there.

Walehwa did not give any additional information about the man, saying cause of death is pending the coroner’s investigation.

“The investigation is ongoing,” Walehwa said. “However, there is no concern for public safety at this time.” Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at 714.647.7000.

The Inn’s manager, who preferred to remain anonymous, said he was the first one to discover the deceased man.

“He was sitting on the toilet seat. I opened the door. He didn’t talk at all, so I immediately called police,” The Inn manager said.

The manager, who has worked at the motel for almost three years, said this is the first time an incident like this has happened.

That day, he had called out to the guest from the front door of the motel room. When the individual didn’t respond, he opened the front door and saw the bathroom door wide open, with the man sitting on the toilet.

The manager said he noticed some blood on the door of the bathroom, and when the man didn’t respond to communication attempts, he shut the door and notified authorities.

Police did not provide motel management any more information surrounding the death, according to The Inn manager.

The Sheriff’s department is continuing to investigate details surrounding the death.—Cari Hachmann

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