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Police searching for suspect; incident took place in same area as August 12 shooting 

Orange County Sheriff's deputies respond to a shooting that look place just before 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 4. A man was shot, but his condition has not yet been released. Photo: Courtesy of Camille Wyatt
Orange County Sheriff’s deputies respond to a shooting that took place just before 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 4, on El Camino Real near W. Canada in San Clemente. A man was shot, but his condition has not yet been released. Photo: Courtesy of Camille Wyatt

By Eric Heinz 

Update, 9 a.m. Sept. 5: A man was shot twice in the leg and suffered non-life-threatening injuries just before 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 4, in San Clemente. He is expected to survive, OCSD officials said.

Police are still conducting an investigation on the incident. The weapon used was a handgun, but officers said they weren’t sure what caliber or the make and model.

Initial Report

An unidentified man was shot just before 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 4, near the Rite Aid and W. Canada on El Camino Real, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department officials. The man was taken to a nearby hospital.

OCSD Lt. Scott Ostash said there is an ongoing investigation and the area is an active crime scene. Ostash said he would be able to provide more details later.

Currently there are no suspects, Ostash said, and the type of firearm used was not announced.

The incident occurred where on Aug. 12 a man shot at someone driving a white truck in the parking lot of the Rite Aid. A suspect was eventually taken into custody, and Sheriff’s deputies found a handgun and spent bullet casings near the area.

Anyone with information on the incident can call OCSD at 949.770.6011 or to leave anonymous tips call Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855.847.6227 or at

This is a developing story. More information will be provided. 

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  • We have had four incidents of gunplay in as many months. The city council yawns when citizens have requested the city increase the number of deputies. What is it going to take for the city council to wake up and do its job.; some mother or child to become a shooting victim as a bystander. That is what happens in LA every week. It should not happen in SC. The members of the council waste millions on lawsuits, many of which were created by the city’s failure to follow the law. The upshot of this dereliction in duty is San Clemente has the lowest number of police per capita of any beach city in the LA/OC area. There are consequences. None of them good. We had an incident where a mother and children were hiding in their home from an intruder and it took two 911 calls before a police response. My wife called 911 for a mentally deranged transient terrorizing women and children on Del Mar. No response. A transient threatened to kill a mother and son at the Ralph’s Center on Camino de los Mares. They were able to outrun him to get to their car. The city council yawns. It was not until the victim threatened a protest that the city tried to clean up the problem. Transients and panhandlers have accost, harassed citizens plus a number of actual assaults downtown. Transients have actually tried to climb into cars with the driver in them in our parking lots. Women are usually the victims of these incidents. It is your city folks. What are you waiting for. Your child, wife or family member to become a victim.

  • Does this have anything to do with the fact that Rite Aid is a local labor hang out.
    You can’t turn the corner to go there with out 5-10 men hanging around.

    • Whatever it is the city needs to jump on this now. I live a block away as well as at least 30 kids I see daily.. My sister takes the bus from that location. We cannot let this type of behavior reside in our city. I left Detroit because of this very issue. Please don’t let us become a static city . We are better than that. City of San Clemente you need to get this under control before someone other than those idiots shooting get hurt or die.

    • This rise in crime is not taking place at the hands of whites. WAKE UP PEOPLE. The rise in crime can always be tracked back to this word: Race. Wake up white people. Have you ever noticed the low levels of Asian felons in this country? Whites (non-hispanic) are the majority 62%, yet this majority commits comparatively the minority of crime. It boggles the mind when you account for population differences. Go take a look at welfare while you’re at it, same thing. Do the math. Try to wrap your naive indoctrinated minds around the facts without suffering from white guilt.. yeah that will be the day.

      This is your future, yet much worse. Look at this below, a 2006 report that covered just crime statistics over 1990-2002. Then account for population differences. And remember, whites are about 5 times the population as the 2nd largest group, blacks at 13%, yet STILL have lower levels in these crimes.

      – Forty-one percent of VIOLENT felons were black, non-Hispanic, 30% were Hispanic, and 26% were white, non-Hispanic.
      – Blacks (46%) comprised a higher percentage of MURDERERS than Hispanics (27%) or whites (23%).
      – Blacks (39%) accounted for about two-fifths of those convicted of FELONY ASSAULT, compared to about a third who were Hispanic (32%), and a fourth who were white (26%).

  • I lived in a building right behind this scene for three years, and watched the ‘hood here deteriorate rather rapidly during that time. Much of what is going on is directly tied to meth and “tweakers” in the area. They are quite prevalent all around there now. I’m thankful I got out of there on July 1. I had seen (and heard) more than enough. Very sad. I miss some things about San Clemente. Living in this area? On that street? Just off that alley? Yeah, not so much…

comments (5)

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