About 1,000 military families in north Camp Pendleton received the fixings for Thanksgiving turkey dinners from the San Clemente Military Family Outreach. “I think what they’re doing here is awesome,” said Cpl. Sarah Logan of the ninth annual event. “It really helps a lot of families.”
Many families agreed, saying they were unsure they could have afforded a full Thanksgiving meal otherwise. The nonprofit provides financial aid year around to families facing emergency needs.
The outreach had a volunteer outpouring of 15 off-duty Marines to do the heavy lifting, dozens of friends to man the food stations, and boy and girl scouts who broke down cartons, carried groceries and helped to pre-package fixings.
Marine wife Christine Gonzalez, a board member, managed the event from 6,500 miles away with another wife Trisha Elliott, last year’s event chair now living with her Marine husband and family in Okinawa.

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