By Eric Heinz

A pre-application was discussed at the latest Design Review Subcommittee (DRSC) meeting on Jan. 23 for an In-N-Out Burger location slated for 115 Via Pico Plaza.

Sources with information on the meeting said that it’s uncommon, if not rare, to hear a pre-application at the subcommittee level, as they’re usually part of the administrative process, but the applicants are trying to avoid any obvious hurdles they may encounter.

In-N-Out Burger wants to demolish a two-story office building in order to build a drive-through location. The popular burger establishment has been long-sought by residents of San Clemente.

Officials said that the timeline is about 14 weeks before it will reach the Planning Commission, if everything goes according to plan, and that it could take another three weeks if it’s called to the city council.

Click here to see the full application from the DRSC meeting. 

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