Eva O’Keefe, San Clemente

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) sent a letter to Mr. Mike Kraman, the CEO of the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA), who receives a total compensation of $412,000, discussing the inaccuracies and misstatements made by the TCA against A.B. 382, the bill that would have defunded the TCA. OCTA called the statements “misleading,” taken out of context and overlooking the regional planning process.

One of the inconsistent statements that the TCA uses, which they even used in the bogus survey they sent out a few months ago, is that population will grow by 250,000 people and traffic will increase by 66 percent. OCTA states: “to be clear the quoted figures are based on future population, housing and employment forecasts for the entire county and assumes no improvements are going to be made anywhere in the county by any agency by 2040…”
OCTA asserts that they will be spending a whopping $42 billion in multimodal transportation projects.

This letter was read to the board of directors to the TCA last meeting. Miraculously, the microphones were turned off for the speaker only and the directors could not hear this letter. Not to worry, we will be back again to read this letter one more time.

The TCA is a redundant, bloated and untrustworthy agency that must be abolished now.

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