SCSQUARED halfBy Eric Heinz

Per a new state law that went into effect in April, the city will partner with CR&R solid waste services to provide an organics waste, or food scraps, program to alleviate landfill waste intake by at least 75 percent by 2020.

People can put their food scraps in biodegradable or paper bags and put them in a green can (similar to the black and brown cans). The cans vary in size, and people may be able to condense the space their cans take up, particularly in areas of the city where curbside trashcans already narrow the corridors.

During the meeting, officials said ideally this will start to be the end of the black cans (used for trash) because of the increasing number of products that are recyclable.

An increase to customers’ bills is likely to be about $2.50 per month for the services.

The program is expected to start in July. People can visit for more information. Additional information will be included in the monthly bill.

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