By Eric Heinz

Although the banners currently in place at the Outlets at San Clemente are not permanent, a group of Marblehead residents has been up in arms regarding the proposed signage, claiming the lighting from the signs is unacceptable.

One resident said because of the new sign ordinance, which was adopted this year, the signs are out of compliance with the city’s code, except the city and the Outlets had an agreement long before the passage of that law to keep the plan for signs in place. None of the signs included in the application are pole signs.

The application for signage includes 26 signs between 31.5 and 130 square feet.

The signage at the Outlets has gone through a series of legal challenges and revisions over the last few years.

“The Outlets had a signed program for the whole center, interior and exterior, and those didn’t go away,” City Planner Jim Pechous said. “They also had two identification monument signs at the ends of the center included, and all that got removed. But now it’s coming back to planning, starting from scratch.”

The City Council and Planning Commission have yet to approve the application for the signage. The latest update came from a Design Review meeting in August.

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