By Eric Heinz

On the online petition website, one effort has garnered almost 2,500 signatures as of Dec. 18 demanding Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Kamala Harris take action on the spent nuclear fuel facility at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS).

The petition wants the representatives to stop the transfer of spent nuclear fuel to the dry-cask storage and to recall the Holtec International canisters. The group says the stainless steel casks, which are five-eighths of an inch thick, are inadequate. They also want the casks to be covered by additional protection and moved to “higher ground.”

The petition— it’s named “San Onofre Nuclear Waste: RECALL Defective Holtec Storage System. It’s a LEMON”— doesn’t appear to have a deadline, nor does it state where it will be filed, except for with Pelosi and Harris. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has its own petition portal available by clicking here.

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  • Link to Petition to Recall Defective Nuke Waste Storage System

    • Holtec and Areva canisters are state of the art canisters that have NRC approval for both storage and transport unlike the ductile, cast iron, thick casks that are also too heavy to be used at SONGS. The thick casks use mechanical seals which are inferior to welds for the purpose of sealing. Since these thick casks have been refused a license to transport (by the NRC), should SONGS have ordered them, they very well might have been stuck with them until the fuel was repackaged in the very canister type SONGS is currently using.

      Kalene Walker, do you want the spent fuel moved out or do you want to be stuck with it because the foolish insisted SCE go with a thick cask that can’t be transported?

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