With the arrival of the spring season, the city of San Clemente is reminding the owners of undeveloped land parcels and vacant, developed parcels of their responsibility to remove weeds and debris from those properties.

The native and naturalized landscape of San Clemente is susceptible to fire because of the growth of both weeds and native habitat, according to the city’s Weed Abatement Contract Administrator, E. Stewart and Associates, Inc. 

As summer approaches, Stewart and Associates stresses, weed abatement is especially important to reduce the potential for fire hazards.

Once a property owner has cleaned their properties and trimmed all weeds to a height no higher than one inch from the ground, it must be maintained for the remainder of the year. Properties with existing native habitat should be thinned by 50%, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

The city deadline for the removal of weeds and refuse is May 15. For those properties that remain unabated after that date, the city’s Weed Abatement Contractor will clear the lots, as required, and then bill the cost of removal to the property owners.

Questions regarding the city’s weed abatement program can be forwarded to Stewart and Associates at 949.498.9250.

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