By Norb Garrett, owner and publisher of Picket Fence Media

In recent weeks, the city’s Public Works department alerted us that they would be removing the green newspaper boxes from Avenida Del Mar as part of a street furniture replacement project.

Utilized by the San Clemente Times and other publications, the boxes, we are told, are unlikely to be reinstalled as part of the city’s improvement project. Downtown residents who have relied on those boxes to pick up their weekly edition of the San Clemente Times can still find the paper at SC Times racks we have positioned up and down Avenida Del Mar.

If you’re unable to locate a rack, or if you want the paper delivered directly to you, sign up for a subscription and have it mailed to you every Thursday. Call 949.388.7700, ext. 111, and ask for Inna Cazares, who can help you.

As always, thanks for reading the San Clemente Times.

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