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By Eric Heinz

San Clemente resident Rachael Farrokh’s GoFundMe page has garnered national, if not international attention, after her husband’s plea for assistance in helping his wife went viral.

Farrokh suffers from a severe type of anorexia brought on by several mental illnesses, which some doctors, according to multiple news reports, said could be fatal. As of Tuesday, Farrokh’s page had garnered $188, 000.

Rachael Farrokh said in her latest YouTube video, posted May 25, that she appreciates the support of people who have donated money to help her medical treatments. Photo: Courtesy
Rachael Farrokh said in her latest YouTube video, posted May 25, that she appreciates the support of people who have donated money to help her medical treatments. Photo: Courtesy

“My lovely wife Rachael and I have been together for more than a decade and she will be seeing her final days if we don’t take action,” her husband, Rod Edmondson said on the webpage. “She is 5’7″ and her weight continues to plummet to a weight that’s extremely dangerous. She has been fighting through a disease that has the highest mortality rate of all psychological disorders, an extreme case of anorexia.”

The San Clemente Times has reported on Farrokh’s condition in past issues. She now weighs less than 55 pounds and is in constant need of her husband’s support. Digesting food is nearly impossible without Farrokh experiencing excruciating pain, according to the website.

Rachel said in a YouTube video that she is making progress in her treatments since the funding. The video can be seen of her latest updates at Rachel’s Road to Recovery.

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comments (10)

  • This newspaper needs to investigate this further. She is STILL not in treatment. The Denver ACUTE hospital has never heard from them. A supposed “team” is replicating an inpatient facility yet in the most recent video there is NO medical equipment (oxygen, monitors, IV, feeding tube etc) noted. There have been very few updates, and hundreds of people have posted concerns that have gone unanswered. PLEASE send someone to the house. Something is NOT right here!

    • You can make a request for a Welfare / Safety check by calling Michael Burns at the Orange County APS: 1-800-451-5155. He has been made aware of the situation. However, he will need the home address. I won’t post here, but there is an address listed for Rachael Farrohk (35-39) on the white pages . com in San Clemente, CA

      He is on shift now and fresh with the case.
      He will be back tomorrow, May 29th after 12:15pm.

      However, anyone can call 24/7 and speak to anyone and request help to ensure she is indeed receiving the critical care she needs.

  • This is the same “Anonymous” who posted on May 28, 2015 at 3:18pm.

    I need to clarify that while Orange Co. APS is aware of the case, for the protection of both the consumer and reporter, they cannot disclose information on a case once the call is closed.

    Therefore, if anyone requests a safety check, they will not be able to act like they have received any information.

    If you are concerned and call, be prepared to explain why you believe she is a vulnerable, disabled Orange County resident and what you think is occuring that would qualify as neglect.

    HINT: F-ACTUAL Statements are helpful

    *Published statements can be found from the Denver ACUTE unit Assistant Program Director suggesting she may die any day…There is also mention of the ambivilance of the disease. Reading quotes cannot hurt.
    Fox31 Denver – May 25, 2015
    The Denver Channel – May 27, 2015
    NYTLive – May 27, 2015

    Via Youtube and Fanpage, statements from both Rachael and her husband have said she will die if she does not receive inpatient treatment. Helpful info for them to know. Rachael cannot walk or get herself to a hospital. Helpful info.

    Admist all of this confusion and concern, let us hope Rachael has a solid in-home care team and is safe and able to live until she is admitted to a medical unit equipped to manage critical anorexia nervosa and monitor refeeding syndrome. <3

    • As of today at 8pm there have been no further updates or any response to the countless cries of alarm and concern.

      I did call both APS and the police and gave them a last known address as well as factual information regarding the many concerns.

      I was told by the police that since she has family in the area that have reported any abuse, there was nothing they could do!

      This goes beyond Rachael’s health. Now we are talking about fraud, we are talking about sensationalizing a severe disorder that affects so many women and men, we are talking about betrayal and scandal and exploitation.

      This whole situation saddens me, sickens me, angers me, and kinda breaks my heart.

      I pray that I am wrong, that there is some reasonable explanation, that she is getting help.

      But the longer this goes on, the more money they collect, the greater the damage.

  • Truly disgusting and shocking: the husband has set up a new page seeking funds of $500,000.00.

    Please investigate this further. This is fraud.

  • Would someone from the press PLEASE investigate this further and let us know how Rachael is doing?! There is endless stories on the Kardashians and Justin B, but even with thousands of people from all over the world involved with this, there are no updates.

  • If only the public knew the real story of Rachel. Hospitals HAVE NOT refused to treat her. She has refused all treatments offered to her over and over and over again. If the public only knew the countless number of hours people have worked to get her the help she needs, only to have her turn down that help EVERY SINGLE TIME! If the public only knew of her out of control addiction to opioids and how her family feeds that addiction. This is only a tiny fraction of the REAL STORY. Please do not donate any funds to her! So many of us who know Rachel and her family know how she has been manipulating the system for years.

  • I’m also concerned for her, she seems awfully nervous in the video. I’m not claiming to know everything but from an RN perspective, she doesn’t need home treatment, she needs to be in the ICU right now, they could stabilize her without taking the public’s money to get to the point that she could go to Acute in Denver. A medical hospital CANNOT turn her away. In fact, if she went to the ER to be admitted and they turned her away and something bad happened, that hospital could be sued. At the same time, as someone who has suffered from anorexia nervosa for almost 8yrs now, this disgusts me. I would do anything to have the $200K for the 3-6mos of residential treatment I need and am being denied by my insurance company and I cannot pay for it. I would actually go. Not suck money out of people to stay home and have “hand picked” doctors that, judging from the fact that she’s not hooked up to IV fluids, doesn’t have a PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) line for feedings (which surpasses the stomach for those who can’t digest), and isn’t on telemetry, they’re not doing anything. This story is just so convoluted and frustrating.

  • You cant do a wellness check with no info provided. They are secretive about this and still collecting ,one so where’s it going. Maybe the media needs to follow up seeing they have been apart of this story. When people ask a question or contact via message they avoid conversation ans say in amazing, or good or updated information will be provided shortly? Other fund update to so how the person is it photo and give answers to question. So why keep handling over money?!!!

comments (10)

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