A 31-year-old San Clemente man, Grant Eckel, is one of 30 contestants on the 15th season of ABC’s The Bachelorette, vying for the heart of Alabama’s Hannah Brown. While Eckel won’t be able to be interviewed until after the show, his biography is available on the show’s website at On the site, Eckel, listed as unemployed, is described as the real-life “The Dude.”

“He loves White Russians and has no interest in hearing about your CrossFit workout plan or recent Instagram post. Grant considers himself to be romantic, because he enjoys PDA. He loves to impress the ladies with his surprisingly good dance moves and is hoping his blunt realness stands out to Hannah,” the website said.

According to the site, Eckel’s biggest fashion regret is wearing fake earrings to his high school prom. He isn’t afraid of a dance-off. He has a hard time believing that any young guy who comes on The Bachelorette is “here for the right reasons,” and he plans to call them out on it.

The Bachelorette premiered on Monday, May 13.

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