By Zach Cavanagh

San Clemente resident Beth Sanden recently officially earned her third world record as Guinness awarded Sanden for the fastest aggregate time to complete a handcycle marathon on each continent by a female.

Sanden officially completed her seven-continent journey in June of 2016 and added the North Pole Marathon in April of 2016. Earlier this year, Sanden was awarded official world records as the first female to race in seven marathons on seven continents and the North Pole via handcycle and the fastest aggregate time for the same feat.

Sanden suffered a severe injury during a bicycle race in 2002. She landed on her back and severed several vertebrae making her an incomplete paraplegic.

Sanden’s marathon quest officially began with the Kilimanjaro Marathon in February 2012 to cross off Africa. Sanden completed Australia with the 2012 Ross Marathon in Tasmania, South America with the Lima, Peru Marathon in 2013, Europe with the 2014 Rome Marathon, North America with the 2014 Boston Marathon and completed the Antarctic Marathon in 2015.

After a snafu with documents from the 2011 Great Wall of China Marathon, Sanden officially completed the seven continent list with the 2016 Pho Quoc Marathon in Vietnam.

Sanden’s six-continent time is 30 hours, 12 minutes and 31 seconds, and with her North Pole time added, the aggregate time raced is 37 hours, 44 minutes and 11 seconds.


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