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sheriffbadgeAll information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website. The calls represent what was told to the deputy in the field by the radio dispatcher. The true nature of an incident often differs from what is initially reported. No assumption of criminal guilt or affiliation should be drawn from the content of the information provided. An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD website.

Monday, May 2

Avenida Rosa, 100 Block (6:03 a.m.) A man called police and told them his ex-wife was at his home and he wanted her to leave.

Sunday, May 1

Paseo de Cristobal, 300 Block (6:14 p.m.) Police were notified that four men were drinking Miller High Life.

Cantilena, 0 Block (5:57 p.m.) A man claimed his brother pushed him against the staircase and broke it. No weapons were found in the altercation, and the man who fell on the stairs refused medical treatment.

El Camino Real, 200 Block (5:44 p.m.) A 50-something man was seen in urine-stained jeans and a red T-shirt urinating in a parking lot.

Avenida Santa Margarita/El Camino Real (7:18 a.m.) A man in an Army green and black shirt was arrested after swinging a large machete near the Trestles Beach Pathway. The man was walking on the trail into San Clemente. An apparent acquaintance of the man was heard yelling for him to stop and come back.

Camino De Los Mares, 600 Block (5:58 a.m.) A homeless man with a beard that was asked to leave the area returned. A caller told police that the man wasn’t bothering anybody but “has been screaming.”

Saturday, April 30

Avenida Rosa, 100 Block (11:13 p.m.) A woman called police after she arrived home and was surprised to find “hundreds of people at her residence.” It was later determined that her son had thrown a party.

Calle Sacramento, 1500 Block (6:43 p.m.) Police were notified when a man called in to say his neighbor was chasing his son, who was riding a skateboard.

Avenida Pico/Calle De Los Molinos (6:00 p.m.) A man told police that a man with a hat and a mustache had been following him the day prior and was following him again.

El Camino Real, 200 Block (5:52 p.m.) A passerby picked up a man with a mustache who was lying on the sidewalk. The passerby called police and said he was worried the man was drunk and might get hit by a car.

9-1-1 HANG-UP
Calle Dulcinea, 800 Block (4:56 p.m.) Police responded to a call from a woman who was screaming “There is a man” repeatedly before hanging up the phone.

Avenida Victoria, 500 Block (4:06 p.m.) A man called police to tell them his drunk girlfriend was hitting him and pouring his drinks on her. He also claimed the woman was taking pills, possibly Vicodin.

El Camino Real, 1800 Block (3:33 p.m.) A red-haired homeless man with a purple duffle bag was seen demanding free coffee inside a business and was refusing to leave. The man allegedly was yelling and throwing down chairs.

N. El Camino Real/Avenida Aragon (1:06 p.m.) Police were notified when a person saw three people in a gray sedan changing clothes in a church parking lot. The caller noted that the people in the car had “lots of backpacks,” and when they left the area in the car, the informant approached the sedan and “found numerous IDs.”

Mariposa, 100 Block (7:31 a.m.) A woman heard footsteps on her roof and outside her window.

Avenida San Diego, 100 Block (4:36 a.m.) A man called police and told them his ex-wife was at his home and he wanted her to leave.

Friday, April 29

Calle Del Cerro, 100 Block (1:17 p.m.) A person called police after noticing their “roommates are trying to cultivate mescaline from a cactus.”

Calle Negocio, 1000 Block (11:27 a.m.) Police were notified of a man on the caller’s property allegedly smoking marijuana and drinking beer.

Avenida Pico, 900 Block (9:27 a.m.) Police took a call from a person who believed someone had taken the caller’s dog out while they were sleeping and “possibly poisoned it.”

Marquita, 200 Block (1:02 a.m.) A woman told police she believed there was something in her attic and that some of her medication was missing.

Thursday, April 28

Avenida De La Paz, 100 Block (8:06 p.m.) A patrol check was requested for a man who was seen “walking around confused” and standing in the middle of the street.

Avenida Del Mar, 100 Block (5:38 p.m.) Police were requested to address a transient allegedly seen drinking a handle of vodka in the back lot of a building.

Optima, 0 Block (10:41 a.m.) A man reported that five gallon-size plastic water jugs were taken from his front yard and that his neighbor had a black rubber garden hose taken from their yard.

Calle Puente, 1100 Block (9:52 a.m.) Police were notified of a man who had been seen at the location all morning and crying earlier. He was still there at the time of the call.

Wednesday, April 27

E. Avenida Palizada/El Camino Real (12:47 p.m.) A dune buggy leaving a 7-Eleven parking lot turned over on its side. People reportedly tended to the driver, and it was unknown if he or she was injured.

Calle Sacramento, 1500 Block (8:21 a.m.) A patrol check was requested by a woman who saw a man in a black beanie and green pants asleep on her neighbor’s patio. The man allegedly left on a bike before police arrived.

Avenida Del Poniente, 200 Block (2:38 a.m.) A man woke up to find his friend’s 6-foot-5 flannel-wearing ex-boyfriend inside his house. The man was able to get the ex-boyfriend outside.

Tuesday, April 26

Calle Maravilla, 0 Block (8:06 a.m.) A woman who lives in a highly secured gated facility told police that a man approached her, asked who she was and served her papers. Police say the woman now wants to report battery because she says the man threw the papers at her.

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