San Clemente High School will host its second annual Triton Film Festival at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21. The school’s Film Production program will premiere original short films on campus in the Little Theatre. A mix of sophomores, juniors and seniors have spent the school year experimenting with various forms of storytelling, immersing themselves in directing, producing, and editing original stories. Judged by filmmaker Joey Abi-Loutfi, as well as teachers Chris Schefter and Ryan Smith, the film festival will showcase the creative and collaborative efforts of everyone involved. There is no cost to attend, and everyone is invited.

San Clemente High School provides opportunities for all students to engage in a rigorous and relevant standards-based instructional program. The high school’s Film Production program is a full-year experience. Focusing on conceptualization, screenwriting, directing, producing and editing, it provides students with an avenue to explore original ideas.

For more information about the Triton Film Festival, call 949.492.4165, email or visit the program’s Instagram account:

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