SDG&E officials explained their Time-of-Use plans and billing rates during a community forum on Thursday, Jan. 9, at the San Juan Capistrano Library. Assemblymember Bill Brough hosted the forum, introducing the SDG&E representatives.

Different plans have different rates, with 4-9 p.m. considered peak hours of use when energy costs can be higher. Users can save costs if they reduce energy use and use energy outside of those peak hours. Some SDG&E users have already begun transitioning to Time-of-Use plans.

For instance, under the TOU-DR1 plan, typical baseline off-peak rates Monday through Friday would be 25 cents per km/h (kilometers per hour). Users going above 130% of their baseline would be charged 33 cents per km/h.

Typical on-peak rates Monday through Friday would be 27 cents for the baseline and 34 cents above 130% of the baseline. Baselines vary depending on several factors, including the climate zone and number of days in a billing cycle.

SDG&E is encouraging users to conserve energy based on state standards so that California is a cleaner state. Users have flexibility in changing plans, and Time-of-Use bills will provide regular data on energy usage. Visit for more information.

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