Slyde Handboards hosted its 3rd Slyde Fest at T-Street Beach on June 22. The charity event featured T-Street’s first ever bodysurfing and handboarding competition, as well as several charities, including “A Walk on Water.” 

More than 80 individuals were able to compete in Slyde Fest’s surfing competition in five separate divisions. Participants were cheered on by more than 100 onlookers and supporters on the beach. Attendees were also able to meet several surfing legends at the charity event, including Sean Enoka, Keali’I Punley, Eduardo Barcellos, Mark Drewelow, and Makena Margo. 

“A Walk on Water” was Slyde Fest’s highlighted charity at the bodysurfing competition. “A Walk on Water” is dedicated to helping special-needs children through the means of surfing therapy, a cause assimilated to Slyde Handboards and their surfing competition. 

Slyde Fest hosted a community raffle and expression throughout the day to raise money for
“A Walk on Water.” Over the last 3 years, Slyde Fest has been able to raise more than $3,000 for the charity.

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