By Eric Heinz 

Starting off with probably the most positive video about San Clemente ever created, the State of the City on April 5 gave residents a look at what’s been accomplished and what to look forward to in the year ahead.

Mayor Tim Brown emceed the ceremony with assistance from State Sen. Patricia Bates.

Some of the issues the city is currently entangled in were a bit “awkward,” Brown said, but necessary to address. The Toll Roads was a participating sponsor to the State of the City and Saddleback Memorial Medical Center’s administrator was in attendance—entities of which the city is involved in litigation with.

“We feel without these services that longer transport times will affect our citizens and the medical care they deserve and need,” Brown said on the hospital.

A decision regarding the hospital lawsuit is expected to be rendered soon, but it has been delayed as the same judge working on the county’s homelessness issues is working on the city’s hospital lawsuit.

Other issues Brown addressed were related to sober living homes and some other quality of life topics.

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