Southern California residents Chris Burke and Leifia Ingalls will be competing in San Clemente’s ultimate strength competition at the Carnival Colossal, Oct. 10-13, at Vista Hermosa Sports Park.

World-class strength athletes Chris Burke and Leifia Ingalls will compete in two days of strength competitions at San Clemente’s upcoming Carnival Colossal, Oct. 10-13. Photo: Courtesy

Both SoCal champions, as well as other athletes, are set to compete in a variety of record-breaking strength challenges.

Having recently returned from the IHGF Stones of Strength World Challenge, both Burke and Ingalls return with ground-breaking world records. Along with their newly claimed titles, both athletes will compete in record-breaking strength challenges, including “lifting cars, lifting a series of Atlas stones from 450-485 pounds onto 4-feet platforms, [and] pressing giant dumbbells weighing in from 150-200-plus pounds,” according to the press release.

The strength challenges will also be accompanied by the Celtic Classic Highland Games, featuring world-renowned athletes. All participating athletes will endure speed, strength, and endurance challenges in an effort to claim the title.

Carnival Colossal is a yearly festival put on by the Friends of San Clemente Foundation. The event will run from Thursday, Oct. 10 through Oct. 13. It is a family-friendly fair and event; games and other activities for guests of all ages will be available.

Burke and Ingalls will compete in strength challenges at Carnival Colossal on Oct.12-13. The event is free of charge to all spectators and guests. A pet parade will take place on Oct.12, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

All San Clemente residents will receive free admission upon arrival. Tickets booked now for rides can be discounted up to 75%, with each ticket selling for $1.25 per ride. Regular prices are $3.75-$5 per ride. For more information on Carnival Colossal, visit or call 949.276.8866.

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