By Eric Heinz

According to figures provided by the city of San Clemente, the Summer Trolley Program served about 90,000 people throughout the entire summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day Weekend. The average number of people who rode per hour was 48. The city needed six per hour in order to receive funding for the program next year from Orange County Transportation Authority.

“It seemed like it was the popular city destinations that helped, and we wanted to have a route that had the most success and then look for other opportunities where they exist,” said city traffic engineer Tom Frank.

The city extended the trolley program through the month of October with two trolleys running from Thursday through Sunday.

During its Sept. 19 meeting, the City Council also approved to develop a plan for paratransit services with the trolley program, which could benefit people with disabilities. The trolleys are already equipped with lifts to help disabled people.

The city will also have to calculate the numbers of trolley ridership for the month of September. During the month, only two trolleys are being used due to the end of summer and school resuming.

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