If you’re looking for a quick, easy getaway with epic surf, the La Jolla de Guasacate should be on your radar.

By Jake Howard

How do you build your own surf paradise? It starts with a dream.

“I wanted to figure out how to surf more,” says Jim Habig, owner of International Surf Properties.

Using his experience in the real estate business to sell, properties in exotic, wave-rich locations, Habig recently went all in and has been developing a property of his own in Nicaragua’s prime surf zone.

Last winter, Habig purchased the La Jolla de Guasacate at Playa Colorado. With year-round offshore winds and well-sculpted sandbars, the location was ideal; but he still had rooms to fill.

At the start of the summer, he invited San Clemente icon Matt “Archy” Archbold to head south. They opened up some rooms for some of Archy’s most ardent fans and supporters for a couple of weeks. It was a big success, and now Habig and crew have lined up more VIPs to cruise down.

A surf-rich tropical paradise is closer than you think. Photo: La Jolla De Guasacate
A surf-rich tropical paradise is closer than you think. Photo: La Jolla De Guasacate

From July 13-20, pro surfer Gavin Beschen will be at the La Jolla de Guasacate. There are still a couple of spots open and the forecast is looking rip if you’re interested in a last-minute strike mission with the San Clemente icon-turned-Pipeline specialist.

Later this summer, local band Tunnel Vision will be wrapping up its Shipwrecked Tour at the La Jolla de Guasacate. They’ll be surfing and jamming in Nicaragua from August 24-30.

Also on the docket, surf wear brand Vans is flying Hawaiian legend Larry Bertlemann down, Aug. 3-10. One of the most influential surfers of the 1970s, Bertlemann’s creative and innovative approach to riding waves not only changed the sport of surfing, but also had a dramatic effect on the skateboard culture of the time, most notably the Dogtown crew from Venice Beach.

“These guys are all our friends, and it’s epic to be able to have them come down and enjoy this place,” said Henry Ford, one of Habig’s business partners. “But it’s even more fun to be able to provide our regular guests and clients with an experience like this.”

Two dozen brand new-boards from …Lost just arrived at the La Jolla de Guasacate and are at the disposal of all of the guests, so you don’t even need to pack a board bag.

If Lowers or Salt Creek is getting a little too busy with the summer traffic, we know a spot in Nicaragua that’s calling your name.


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