Grom of the Week: Harper Olenik

This week’s featured grom is Harper Olenik, who’s been crushing it among the Western Surfing Association ranks over the past month. Most recently, 9-year-old Harper ventured north to Morro Bay for stop No. 4 of the Salt Life Championship season and took out the Micro Grom Girls U10 division.

Grom of the Week: Marlo Leigh Harris

This week’s featured grom is Marlo Leigh Harris, who’s proven that hard work pays off. A couple weeks ago, she landed support from Rip Curl Dana Point, and now with a new sticker on the nose of her board and the confidence that a little support provides, Harris is taking her competitive game to the next level.

Grom of the Week: Clayton Hill

This week’s featured grom is San Clemente’s Clayton Hill, who has been on a hot one as of late. A seventh-grader representing Bernice Ayer Middle School, he’s been posting some solid results in recent Scholastic Surf Series and Western Surfing Association events.

Grom of the Week: Eden Walla

This week’s featured grom is Eden Wall, who took a well-earned win in the Girls Under 16 division during the opening event of the 2022 USA Surfing West Coast Prime Series this past weekend in Huntington Beach.

Grom of the Week: Lucas Senkbeil

This week’s featured grom is Lucas Senkbeil, who swept the Men’s and Juniors divisions results during last weekend’s NSSA event at the Oceanside Pier. As his strong rail game, progressive flair and competitive mindset have all come into perfect sync, Lucas has been coming on strong as of late. Earlier in the month, he put together another impressive run at the NSSA event at Salt Creek.

Grom of the Week: Jacob Brown

This week’s featured grom is Jacob Brown, the only freshman on the Dana Hills Varsity Surf Team, who’s proving that hard work pays off. Dedicating himself to his surfing, he’s been putting in the hard yards to turn his dreams into a reality, as he recently got the good news that he’s qualified for the Prime USA Surf Series.

Grom of the Week: Ruby Stringfellow

This week’s featured grom is Ruby Stringfellow, who topped the podium in the Girls Open Mini Grom division this past weekend. In her first win of the NSSA season, Stringfellow earned some big scores from the judges—a 9.00 and 7.33.

Grom of the Week: Willow Wilder Holman

Just how does a 5-year-old get into ’80s hair metal? That’s a question perhaps only Willow Wilder Holman, our featured Grom of the Week, can answer. Not only is Willow, a hard-charging kindergartener, into some of the raddest ’80s bands, but she’s also obsessed with the boardsports life, recently winning the SC Open Skate Contest’s highly competitive, and amazingly inspiring, 5 and Under division.

Grom of the Week: Bella Kenworthy

This week’s featured grom is Bella Kenworthy, a San Clemente talent who was on a tear at the Super Girl Pro in Oceanside last weekend. Ripping through heat after heat, en route to a very respectable third-place result, she promptly dispatched North America’s top-tier talent, including American Zoe Benedetto, as well as Japan’s Anon Matsuoka

Grom of the Week: Samaira Lizzi

This week’s featured grom is Samaira Lizzi, an 11-year-old San Clemente ripper who’s been getting into a competitive spirit recently, showing up at the Western Surfing Association competition at Trail 6, where she came in strong with a sixth-place finish in the Under 12s.

Grom of the Week: Noah Lavik

This week’s featured grom is San Clemente’s Noah Lavik, who finished runner-up in the highly competitive Boys Under 14 division during the Western Surfing Association’s season kickoff at Trail 6 earlier this month.

Groms of the Week

While summertime may be over for the groms who headed back to school this week, there’s still more goodness to come in the weeks and months ahead, Jake Howard reports, while wishing the student surfers an epic school year.

Grom of the Week: Lucas Senkbeil Cassity

This week’s featured grom is Lucas Senkbeil Cassity, who claimed his first NSSA National Title this summer when he won the Boys division at the National Championships in Huntington Beach. Demonstrating maturity beyond his years, his surfing was fast, radical and progressive.