On Life and Love After 50: As We Age

Being able to write columns on “life” and “love” among the aging community for these past several years has been a gift for Tom Blake, as he’s able to help people who are hurting and suffering. Throughout his tenure as a columnist, he’s seen more stories from readers who have lost their mates. Sometimes, those heartbreaks and losses strike much closer to home, as he explains in his latest column.

Health & Nutrition 101: Calm or Chaos?

In this month’s Health & Nutrition 101, Gina Cousineau examines the food chaos that persists in most people’s lives from meal to meal, and she encourages readers to consider adhering to a routine—planning and forethought—when it comes to their food choices.

Health & Nutrition 101: When Life Hands You Lemons

After contracting COVID-19 and being confined to a bedroom for a seven-day quarantine period, Gina Cousineau understands a little bit more about the negative implications that isolation can have on mental health. In her latest Health & Nutrition 101 column, she encourages readers to always keep in mind and reach out to others who may be experiencing isolation and loneliness, as it can do a world of good for both that person and your soul.