Californians Likely to Pass Props 1, 28 and 31

Based on the unofficial election results reported early Wednesday morning, Nov. 9, Proposition 1, the ballot measure to amend the state’s constitution enshrining the right to an abortion and contraception, as well as other measures to fund arts and music education in public schools and to ban most flavored tobacco products from being sold in California, are expected to pass.

San Clemente Parent Wants to Open New Charter School in South Orange County

While living in Frisco, Texas, Kevin Pratt’s kids attended a charter school called Founders Classical Academy, which had uniforms and taught kids Latin and logic. After moving further west, to San Clemente, he’s been working on opening his own charter school, the California Republic Leadership Academy. No exact location has been set yet, but Pratt has his eye on somewhere in San Clemente or San Juan Capistrano, and is seeking approval from the Capistrano Unified School District.

Groms of the Week

While summertime may be over for the groms who headed back to school this week, there’s still more goodness to come in the weeks and months ahead, Jake Howard reports, while wishing the student surfers an epic school year.