First in Foam

For a time, Gordon “Grubby” Clark oversaw what many described as a monopoly on the surfboard market, Jake Howard reports this week. Through savvy and often scrupulous business practices, Clark Foam was responsible for producing 90% of the surfboard blanks in the United States and 60% globally—that is, until he unexpectedly shuttered the Laguna Niguel-based business in December 2005.

Patterson Honored at Boardroom Surfboard Show

Showing just how much surfboard shaping talent there is down here, the Boardroom Surfboard Show in Del Mar last week honored San Clemente icon Timmy Patterson, and in one of those incredible twists of fate, fellow San Clemente craftsman Rick Rock won the Icons of Foam shape-off.

Want to Sell an Old Surfboard?

As a self-proclaimed surfboard hoarder still in the early stages of recovery, Jake Howard understands the hassle and heartbreak of parting ways with old boards collecting dust in the rafters of his garage. Fortunately for him this summer, USEDSURF in San Clemente came through, helping him offload some boards on the rack at home while putting a bit of cash in his pocket.

Fly Is the Guy

From crafting beautiful surfboards to sharing stories, ‘The Fly’ Van Swae has seen and done it all during his life in the surf By Jake…